Seeing the world being seated

After 14 years in a wheelchair, I still have moments where I reach forward to open the door instead of reaching up. Somehow, someway, it is still stored in my brain that I once was 1.88 meters tall and the grip of the door was in front of my hips and not in front of my face as it is now. These silly little moments remind me of how much has changed in my life and not just my size by loosing my legs.

Top shelves in the local grocery store don’t bother me as much as it did a few years ago. What still bothers me as much as the first day is the moment when for example a meeting ends and there is this massive overwhelming moment of group wise standing up when whomever was in charge stands up. Suddenly, the whole group looks down on me and I’m looking up to them. I can tell myself it isn’t important and the next time it happens: BAM!

But the same effect of always being seated also has positive effects! Especially on children because I’m on their own height. Truly amazing how most children respond open to me, looking in my eyes without having to look up to me. I will never say it is worth it but it certainly makes it bearable to me.

Kind regards,


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