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Crimean food with Stealth Technology and other sagas in western media

Every now and then, a western media employed reported feels the need to write an article about “the horrible situation on Crimea under Russian occupation” and the “despair of the people on Crimea”. Favorite examples to prove their case are lack of food, collapsing economy and terrorizing the population by Russian authorities. Of course, these reporters don’t write their articles by spending time on Crimea, speaking to the people there and find out for themselves. Those articles are written from a comfortable desk, somewhere in Europe or the USA. It makes we wonder if these people are then still reporters or simply paid copywriters for a script, but that is an entirely different topic.

Last week, Mr. Juerg Vollmer, a notorious Russiophobic copywriter, apparently needed some “totally original and convincing” words published so he added all the sagas about the “despair in Crimea” in an article which was accompanied by a picture of empty shelves. Why don’t we have a closer look at this article, just for arguments sake…

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Why the OSCE Mission needs a proper mandate…

The Minsk II Protocol is based on 3 initial steps:

  1. Implementation of unconditional ceasefire for the entire conflict zone.
  2. Withdrawal of heavy weaponry to place them outside of their operational range from the line of conflict.
  3. Monitor implementation of Point 1 and Point 2 by the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission for Ukraine.

For the OSCE to be able to monitor the situation and report adequately, the following is required:

  1. Unrestricted and safe access to the entire area of conflict and the sectors from which the heavy weapons are to be withdrawn.
  2. Clear and undisputed definition of the sectors of withdrawal and the type of weaponry which needs to be withdrawn, if not all.
  3. Adequate manning and equipment matching the area which needs to be monitored.

The ceasefire is relatively simple and straight forward. Just CEASE FIRE and you are all set. That is the theory and the many reports about ongoing incidents and fighting in the conflict zone make clear that neither party is upholding the ceasefire completely and all parties are accusing the other side of breaching the ceasefire.

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