Coming up: interviews with children of Holocaust survivors!

In the coming days, starting tonight, I will publish 3 interviews with children of Holocaust survivors. They will tell us the heartbreaking stories about how their families and themselves were impacted by the Holocaust.

These persons are close friends and have all played a role in my life and still do. During these interviews I became very aware that it is just a matter of luck that they are part of my life. Nothing but luck and I can’t imagine which void they would leave if they would not have been born.

At the end of these interviews, I asked my friends what they think of the current situation in Ukraine and open herofication of the Nazi collaborates and neo-nazis in the current environment. Their answers are even honest and moving.

Coming Saturday the world marks the 70th anniversary of the Victory over Nazi Germany. These interviews also mark the end of the Holocaust with this Victory.

Although these interviews were done in Dutch, I decides to translate them to allow my international friends to read this.

Kind regards,


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