A proposal for Ukraine

Dear Ukraine,

I have a constructive proposal for you and I would really like you to consider this. Why don’t we talk about this as grownups and make this happen.

Since your last revolution, you have turned away from your past as the second largest Soviet Republic in the Soviet Union. Taking down Soviet Memorials and Monuments, you want to show the world that is not how you want to be seen by your new partners. That is ok in a democratic world, every country has the right to work on their image and decide for themselves how they want to present themselves.

And it is nothing uncommon. The United States don’t want to be reminded of the atrocities they committed in the Vietnam War, for example. The Netherlands dissociate themselves from being the inventor of Slavery and Apartheid. Modern Germany has worked hard to move away from their past as starting 2 World Wars and being responsible for the Holocaust. So you too have the right to move away from your recent past and history.

In your current narrative, you were forced into being the second largest Soviet Republic and you honor those who fought side by side with Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union as Heroes of your Nation. That is how strong you want to dissociate yourself from your Soviet past. So why don’t we do this completely, Ukraine? We free you from your past as Soviet Republic.and those who don’t want to be part of you are freed from you in the same deal. That is a Win-Win for all involved!

All you have to do is give back the territory which was given to you by the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union which, according to your modern narrative, has occupied you and forced you to be a Soviet Republic against your will.


It is a small step to disassociate yourself completely from your Soviet past. Just let me know what you think, Ukraine. It is all or nothing and I will draft the treaties to make this happen today when you want to really unconditionally want to step away from your Soviet past. Knowing that your economy is down the drain and you are living on borrowed money, I will do this free of charge. Deal?

This is actually nothing new, Ukraine. Crimea undid being part of Ukraine as was stipulated by Soviet ruling and we both know that worked out splendid for Crimea!


So just give me a call, we will work out the details and get it over with today! You are no longer bound by your Soviet past and those who recognize their Soviet past are freed of you.

Now that we settled that, I would like to remind you of some of the historical details you seem to have forgotten when you implemented that law which declares your Nazi collaborators as Heroes of the Nation. Your own population has paid a very high price for what you now see as an heroic attempt to liberate Ukraine from the Soviet rule.

6.850.000 Ukrainians died in World War II which is over 16% of your population at the beginning of the war. 6.850.000 Ukrainians! Roughly half of them died under the brutal aggression of the Nazis and your nowadays Heroes of the Nation. Your Jewish population was almost whipped out completely by the pogroms your Heroes executed on behalf of the German occupiers. Many of the death camps the Germans created were manned by Ukrainian guards and butchers, playing an active role in the mass murder of Jews, Sinti, Romans. Also the camps for Soviet POW’s were manned by your Heroes of the Nation in which more than half of the POW’s died.

The other half of the Ukrainian victims of World War II, mainly coming from the eastern and southern part of your country which was added to your territory by the Soviet Union before the war, have died fighting the Nazi occupiers and your Heroes of the Nation. They gave they lives to liberate you and the rest of Europe from the greatest horror Europe has ever seen and hopefully will never have to see again.

Some of these heroic fighters survived and even less of them are still alive today. We call them veterans and we owe them our respect and gratitude. In my honest and humble opinion, so do you, Ukraine. But you see that differently nowadays and disrespect your own veterans by honoring the Heroes of your Nation. Those Heroes of the Nation, Ukraine. These are the monsters you now call Heroes, Ukraine. Heroes of the Nation.


And it is not a part of your past, Ukraine. It is your present and your future.


This is who you have chosen to be. This is you, Ukraine. The Ukraine which has chosen to glorify your own Nazi past by declaring them Heroes of the Nation. It is in your system, Ukraine. It is who you really want to be and who you are. This is the Ukraine!


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