Divorcing my best friend

For Elvira

We signed the papers today and will close this final chapter of our common book. New books of our own will be written and we will always be part of each other’s book but no longer as the main character. New chapters with new people will be created for both of us and every now and then a few paragraphs will be written by us about us. No longer as wife and husband but as friends and joined partners to take care of our sweet adopted Leia.

You were proud of me when I was a career officer and miraculously was able to hide your fears when I was send on missions. Until it happened what you feared all these years. You were at my side when I wasn’t able to accept what was left of me after this and my only wish was to end it all. You motivated me, stimulated me, never allowed me to give in to my dark thoughts. You were there when I fought my way back, there with me every time I saw no progress and wend in to deep depressions. You told me you married a commando and expected me to fight this in the same manner as how I fought when I still had my legs. You were my energy, my compass, my anchor and my sail.

Always setting aside that you had also lost the ability to fulfill your biggest wish, a wish we both decided to postpone as long as I was active. Due to your worries and fears and typical for you because you didn’t want to burden me with another life while I was away. Your biggest wish never left you, always burned inside your heart. So many nights you cried, so many days you suffered.

There is a beautiful new life growing inside you now, something I was no longer able to give you. A few more months until your biggest wish will come true. Your beautiful smile is shining so bright. Your happiness is such a gift. I am happy for you, so very happy for you. And I am very happy that we will continue to take care of our Leia together.

You are no longer my wife, I am no longer your husband. You are and will always be my best friend. This is not a sad day, this is a new beginning, my best friend.


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