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15th Sep 2015 from TwitLonger

Taking a Stand against child sacrifice and sexual abuse

Mr Putin,

Recently I watched a video in which Mr Putin has taken a stand against a totally decadent West that has cut themselves off from their Christian roots and exchanged the worship of God for the worship of Satan. This has led to horrific and rampant child and human trafficking, blood rituals and sacrifices, child sexual abuse and torture, legitimizing of same-sex marriage and homo-sexualism, with pedophilia not far behind.

Russia is about the only country that has taken steps to ensure the protection of moral values and the protection of her children and her people. In this regard I refer to the law that was signed in 2013 banning the adoption of children by same-sex couples in Russia and abroad as well as by residents of foreign countries, where gay marriages are sanctioned…

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War in Ukraine | The July 15 Airstrike on Snizhne: Who to Blame?

This is still an unanswered question about the war in Ukraine, as so many other questions. The suffering of civilians is part of a blame game. The real blame lays with all that do nothing to stop these war crimes!


Local news: An airstrike in Snizhne destroyed a house. There are victims among the civilian population.

On Tuesday July 15, 2014 a warplane attacked the rebel-held town of Snizhne (Snezhnoye, Snezhnoe, ‘Snow’) in eastern Ukraine. Its rockets shattered an apartment building and a tax office. At least 11 people were killed.

Who was responsible for this attack? But first, who was blamed right after it?

(Pro-) Kiev & Western media

Dmitry Tymchuk (a member of the Ukraine parliament, military expert and blogger) blamed Russia for the early morning strike on Snizhne. “It must have been a Russian aircraft”, Tymchuk wrote on Facebook.  This message was spread by Ukrainian media and social media, like by Euromaidan on Twitter.

Interfax Ukraine reported that Andrey Lysenko, spokesperson of the National Security Council (NSDC) in Ukraine, had said the damage was caused by an unknown aircraft to discredit the Ukrainian military. Source:

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