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‘No promises’ on EU membership for Eastern states at Riga summit


It doesn’t come as a surprise that the EU isn’t making any solid commitments to former Soviet and East Block states. The path of conflict with Russia that the EU has chosen has shown a negative impact in the already challenged European economy. With Italy, Portugal and others struggling to survive, Greece at or over the edge of default and Britain openly flirting with Brexit, the EU is on overload with homemade problems.

By pushing Ukraine in 2013 to decide between Russia or a potential EU membership, it pushed Ukraine into a conflict in which it lost 80% of this business with the Russian and affiliated market. EU countries have seen the growing Russian market decline to below 40% of its 2012 value. So what should EU commit to? More problems, declining exports to Russia and China, and a roadmap for conflict?

Turn back to your traditional and cultural partner! Sit down with your Russian partners and work out your problems! Don’t focus on EU to lead you to become a subordinate of the USA by becoming a subordinate of the EU.

When Crimea is a problem for you, please remember that you used Article 72 of the Soviet Constitution to establish your independence and you were entitled to do so by that same Soviet Constitution. Crimea was deprived of that Constitutional Right and you know that very well. The Constitutional Right which gave you your independence is the same Constitutional Right which legalizes Crimea to determine their own future as part of Russia. Remember that when you decide who your real partner is!

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